Design Philosophy


Since my wife Eden and I have had our two children, Noah and Leah, family and the responsibility of parenthood has easily become the most important thing in our lives. With all the endless new life experiences young children add to our lives nary a day goes by without the love, fun and sense of awe growing.

Listening, playing and composing music are nearly as important to me as painting, however these days that usually means figuring out "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" to play for my kids on guitar.

". . . it seemed a very heaven on earth for a wanderer."
                                            - Theodore Solomons on the High Sierra, 1940
Hiking and camping with friends and family in the Sierra Nevada mountains is a true joy for me. The magnificent beauty and rugged challenge of High Sierra trips are an endless source of inspiration and perspective. By last count, I have accumulated nearly 500 miles on different hikes and at least 10 times that number in photographs.